Current Dual Credit Students

Course Timetable

Now that you’re enrolled check here for course details and schedule, or contact your Dual Credit teacher/monitor, or reach out to us (,
or 905-874-4440) for more information.

Are you a new Dual Credit Student?
Use this checklist to get started.

  • Make sure you have connected with your high school dual credit teacher/monitor and you know what course you are registered for, when, and where it is.

  • For your first week of classes be prepared with a pen and notebook or a way to take down information you will receive from your professor.

  • Remember that you have excellent support here to help you:

      1. Your high school teacher/monitor
      2. Your Sheridan SCWI dual credit team (
      3. Your Sheridan professor
  • Download the Pulse app on your phone to be able to view your SLATE course online (Sheridan’s learning management system – Brightspace) to see course announcements, dates and content.

  • Remember your Sheridan Student ID, username and password. (You would have received a welcome email to your personal email address that your high school used to register you in your class.)

  • Enjoy and have fun!

What Students Say

20,508 last year!

More than 20,500 students participated in Dual Credit in 2022-23

Bookmark this page if you’re currently enrolled in a Dual Credit Program

You’ll find all the school and administrative resources you’ll need, and if you can’t find something or want to speak to someone for help, ‌contact us at 905-845-9430, Ext. 8152 or

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