Future Dual Credit Students

Are you thinking of taking a Dual Credit Course?

Here are answers to the questions most students ask. Please also visit our Courses page and your high school guidance department for more information.

What are dual credit courses?

These are college courses that also count as high school credits. At Sheridan all dual credit courses are taught by our faculty on campus.

Why should I take dual credits?

You can earn your high school graduation and test out college simultaneously with dual credit classes. Working in a hands-on setting, where you get to use the same materials, tools, and technology used by college students and in the workplace, allows you to explore several career paths.

Will it cost anything?

Books, trade kits, boots and other, course related, materials are free. School boards also cover much, if not all, of the transportation costs, such as bus tickets and taxis, but parking and fuel may not be covered. It’s best to ask your should guidance department for more information when you make plans to enrol in a dual credit course.

What Students Say

20,508 last year!

More than 20,500 students participated in Dual Credit in 2022-23

I’m in a Specialist High Skills Major, Co-op or OYAP program.

Could dual credit work for me?

Many of our dual credit programs are related to SHSM or OYAP programs, and students frequently discover that scheduling dual credits for a co-op semester works well. Take a look at the programs to see if one is a good fit for you.

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