Keisha’s Story: A Dual Credit Success

Before I started the Dual Credit program, I was not focussed on school.  I let my personal issues distract me.   Eventually, I found myself in the expulsion program at Archbishop Romero’s New Directions South Campus and I knew I needed to do something to turn my life around. I had a goal and I knew I needed to go in a different direction to achieve it.  When my teachers told me about the dual credit program – School Within a College (SWAC) – at Sheridan’s Hazel McCallion Campus near Square One, I knew immediately that this was the program to get me back on the right track to achieving my goals.

I started at the S.W.A.C. dual credit program in September 2011. So many things about the program worked for me.  Being on campus full time motivated me to succeed. I was surrounded by likeminded students who were there to achieve their goals. The flexible schedule prevented my personal issues from getting in the way of my academic success.  Having the same 2 teachers all day, every day, was key to my success. The teachers gave me an incredible amount of individual time and support.  My academic success in my college classes let me know I WAS college material.

After being at Sheridan for the fall semester, I knew that this was the college for me.  I graduated from Archbishop Romero Secondary in January of 2012 and, before my semester was over, had applied to Sheridan’s Medical Administration Program. I am now attending Sheridan College and I am getting 80’s and 90’s in all my courses.   I am proud of the path I am on.

I owe my success to the dual credit SWAC program and my teachers. It made the difference to my being in college and succeeding.  I am doing what I dreamed of doing all my life and I am doing it well!

Thank you Archbishop Romero!

Grade 11 Student Wins SCWI Logo Design Contest

In this season of celebration and renewal, student Tommy Beke and his teachers have much to celebrate! Tommy is a grade 11 student at Bishop Macdonell Catholic High School in Guelph.

There, he has had the good fortune to follow a lifelong passion for design in a design and graphics program offered by Chuck Temple, a teacher, designer, illustrator and author who runs a unique course for students in partnership with the M & T Printing group in Guelph.

At the urging of his instructor Tommy, an SHSM student, entered a contest to redesign and update the logos used by SCWI and IJECT across all print media and platforms that support the dual credit initiative.  His winning designs are shown above. With clean and simple lines, they spell out Dual Credit and at the same time, symbolize the sense of linkage and cooperation that anchor strong communications between schools, colleges and industry throughout the province.

Having created the English logo, he was surprised to discover that its French equivalent required some modification. His revision of the original to include an “R” was inspired.French version of the Dual Credit logo The awards ceremony brought SCWI project officer David Armstrong to congratulate Tommy personally, along with the Wellington Catholic DSB Coordinator for Grand Connections, Sue McPhedran, and an enthusiastic group of students.

The graphics program at Bishop Macdonell is the result of the partnership between teacher Chuck Temple, and entrepreneur Dean Froome at M&T printing group. Students are rapidly moved into the high-pressure world of professional graphic design and printing, where creativity and technical expertise work under tight timelines for the completion of projects. This partnership has been so successful that owners Mike and Dean Froome have added a 20-station classroom space and computers at one of their many offices, where students can move directly into an experience of the real working world. It’s a partnership borne of a passion for young people, excellence in design and opportunity shared by Froome and Temple, and facilitated by principal of Bishop Macdonell, Holly Conway.

Tommy says: …“as a kid, I always liked art, and when I got my first laptop, I moved into the graphic design side.”  Temple’s program allows students to specialize in client-based work, creating real jobs for real people on a deadline. The program designs much of the print work used throughout the school to promote activities and opportunities. Teacher Chuck Temple’s background as a professional illustrator has helped forge professional connections and allowed him to place his students in real-world environments. In recent months, the program received a gold medal from Skills Canada.

Tommy’s success mirrors the opportunities created everywhere by these remarkable partnership and linkages that spring from SCWI,  IJECT, SHSMs, and apprenticeships. Above all, it shows what committed educators at all levels are accomplishing daily to support students in their aspirations and dreams.

What Students Say about Sheridan’s Dual Credit program

My Dual Credit Sheridan experience taught me about a lot more than just the academic aspect of school… This improved my outlook on life exponentially, and I don’t feel stuck anymore.

For students who are lost, this is a second chance.

My experience at Sheridan and the credits I earned while in high school gives me motivation to continue with my studies and apply to Sheridan in the future…

I really appreciate the help you’ve given me and for the times you reassured me even I can be something great, so thank you. For helping me see a better me.

I have nine siblings and I’m the first one in my family who will graduate from college.

I had overall enjoyed my time here at Sheridan college as a dual credit student!

What Students Say

20,508 last year!

More than 20,500 students participated in Dual Credit in 2022-23

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